About us



We are passionate and dedicated to providing the best charter experience and service. We aredevoted to innovation and we aim to exceed expectations, always exploring and evolving.

Local Knowledge

Navi Croatia is a yacht charter company with one goal - to offer extensive knowledge, support and to share the experience of navigating in the Adriatic.

You need what we have - someone who you can trust, who knows the area and has local partners.

Let’s discover together why Croatia is one of the most exciting and popular charter destinations in the world!

Making memories

With over fifteen years of knowledge and experience in the yachting industry, we are here to help you create unforgettable charter moments.

Personal approach

Our vision is to offer an excellent, personal and courteous approach, something that you will remember us by. Fused with the desire to exceed all expectations, honesty, trust and ethics are a part of our business DNA, which is implemented in all areas of our work with a personal approach to the client.


The story of us

Our story begins with a true love for the sea and travel, and being always on the lookout for anadventure. After many years of work in the yachting industry, having explored the best charter destinations in the world, we wanted to form a charter agency based in our homeland with the desire to help people from around the world discover and explore the beautiful Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea.

As true hedonists, we explore the coast while making the selection of  the best gastronomic experiences. Our knowledge of the secluded bays, extensive local connections and trusted partners are things that make us a reliable partner for your charter holiday.

Social responsibility

Working in the industry that impacts the beauty of our sea and its coastline makes us responsible to preserve that beauty for our and future generations.

We try to inspire change and promote environmental awareness in others by having the opportunity to directly communicate with yacht crew, people in the industry and the clients. We organize and participate in underwater cleaning actions with divers in our team. We promote eco-friendly local products, beach clean ups, and we take every  chance to encourage environmental awareness and safe behavior.

NAVIgate Croatia!