Bareboat with skipper-hostess service

Skipper is a professional with command over the boat and the crew.

His job is to take care of the safety of the boat and everyone onboard.

Skipper’s primary duties involve boat maintenance including small repairs during sailing and taking care of the paperwork.

His additional duties involve taking care of where you can dock your boat, as well as finding a safe anchorage and following daily forecast. The skipper is also in charge of cleaning the deck and other exteriors.

The purpose of a skipper onboard your boat is so that he can take care of all these things, so you don’t have to. He is there to care for your safety, and to use his extensive knowledge so that you could enjoy every moment of your trip, without a single care in the world.

You are obliged to provide the skipper with food and accommodation for the duration of your trip.

Duties of a hostess are dependent on whether she is employed alone, or with a skipper and additional crew members.

Primary responsibilities of a hostess are to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the boat. In the absence of a chef, a hostess is in charge of preparing and serving simple meals.

Her morning duties involve preparing and serving breakfast and then taking care of the cleanliness of the interior.

Her other duties involve grocery shopping, as well as remaining in constant communication with the passengers, with the purpose of providing guidance with regards to the local traditions, restaurant recommendations and advice any location you may be interested to visit. When purchasing the groceries, it’s common practice for the guests to help the hostess with carrying the bags to the boat, and it’s also customary that the hostess advises the guests with regards to provisions and payment method.

If a hostess is employed in tandem with a skipper, then the skipper is in charge of the navigation and caring for the exterior, while the hostess cares for the accommodation and the order and hygiene of the interior. They work as a team, and the hostess helps the skipper in the marina or on the deck, if necessary.

With only the hostess employed for the duration of your trip, one of the guests must take on the duties and responsibilities of the skipper.

You are obliged to provide the hostess with food and accommodation, as well as cleaning supplies.

Employing a professionally trained chef makes him in charge of all guest and crew meals, as well as provisioning and galley management.

He is not in charge of cleanliness of your cabin, the bathroom and the interior in general as a hostess is, but where having a hostess provides you with the minding of cleanliness, a breakfast and one meal a day, having a chef guarantees you three gastronomic experiences a day.