Boat rental conditions

Fikro d.o.o. is an agency that accepts and follows the terms of the lease of each charter company it cooperates with. The charter conditions received by the charter company or boat owner valid for the selected boat will be forwarded to you. Mainly because not all vessels have the same charter conditions, as they are set by the charter company that manages the selected vessel.

The terms of the charter are an indispensable part of any charter agreement signed by the charterer and the lessor or the agency representing him. Charter conditions are defined by general conditions which include terms such as deposit amount, payment plan, time of taking and returning the vessel to the home base, rights and obligations of the lessee and lessor, handover conditions, legal jurisdiction, lease cancellation conditions, etc.

In order to confirm your reservation when signing the contract, it is necessary to pay a deposit amount determined by the conditions, depending on the selected vessel in the amount of 25 - 50% of the total rental amount. The remaining amount is to be paid in accordance with the payment plan specified in the contract, in most cases no later than 4 weeks before boarding.

Upon our receipt of the full amount, we will send a voucher confirming that the boat rental has been paid for in advance, and you have to show it at check-in when taking over the boat.

A deposit is required for all chartered vessels. The amount of the deposit is determined by the type and size of the vessel, equipment, year of construction, etc. The deposit is settled at the check-in and is refunded if there is no damage on the vessel, no loss of equipment, if the vessel was returned with an incomplete fuel tank, etc.

The pick-up of the boat usually takes place on Saturday afternoon and the return time is on Saturday morning. It is important to note that other pick-up dates and times are possible. Many charter companies recommend return to the home port the day before disembarkation, whereas it’s mandatory in some companies.

If you are dissatisfied with the received service or the rented vessel, you are required to submit the complaint in a written form during the handover of the vessel, and signed by both parties.

In order to avoid unwanted consequences due to violation and/or non-compliance with the charter conditions, it is important to read and understand the charter conditions.