Yacht charter FAQs

Our expertise will make your yacht charter an easy and simple process. Consider this website an introduction to numerous yachts available for charter. You may receive detailed information and individual offers at request, and we will be happy to advise you if you are unsure of your charter requirements.


After verification of availability of the selected yacht, you will sign a Charter Agreement. Delivery and return fees may be included if you’ve chosen an itinerary which includes embarkation or disembarkation from a place other than the port of origin of your yacht. These additional fees will be discussed in advance where applicable, and stated in the Charter Agreement, along with any other, previously agreed upon, charges.


A deposit of 50 percent of the total charter fee is to be paid by bank transfer upon signing of the Charter Agreement. The remaining amount of the yacht charter is paid, for most yachts, five to four weeks before embarkation, together with any additional, agreed upon charges, such as fees for delivery or return fees.


The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)  is a sum equal to 25 percent of the total charter fee, and in some cases may be 30 percent. APA will be given to your captain before the start of the charter to ensure that the yacht is fully provisioned and fuelled when you step on board.

APA is there to cover operating charter expenses such as fuel, food and drinks provisioning, port fees and any ad hoc incidents.

The captain will submit to you a full set of accounts at the end of your charter, and you can request them at any time during the charter. Additional funds in cash will be required if expenses exceed the sum already paid.

All outstanding bills for the charter must be settled before you disembark.

If there are any remaining funds from the APA at the end of your charter, they will be refunded. Transfer arrangements to and from the yacht may be arranged, and the price would be deducted from your APA.


Accommodation on the yacht, yacht and crew insurance, crew service, basic cleaning materials, bed linen and towels, tender and water toy equipment use, Croatian VAT (13 percent).


Fuel cost, marina fees, moorings, insurance.


Delivery fees are applied if you choose to start or end your charter in a place other than the homeport of the selected yacht. The amount you will be charged with will be for the fuel consumption used during the relocation of the yacht. It is possible that some yacht owners will charge you for  the “empty run” days to reimburse lost revenue used for delivering the yacht to the desired port of choice.


Charter rates are quoted per week. High season rates usually apply to the most popular charter periods, i.e. July and August. Low season rates apply to all other periods (please note low and high season periods may differ).

Sometimes it’s possible to charter a yacht for a shorter stay, if it’s available. Longer charters from 14 days and more will most likely be offered with discounted rates. Please note that charter rates contained herein are believed to be correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change.

Usual check-in time is from 17:00 and usual disembarkation time is at 9:00 on the last day of the charter. 


You will be required to complete a detailed questionnaire several weeks before you board your yacht. The questionnaire / preference list provides information concerning all members of your party and describes specific preferences and particular needs, as well information such as dietary requirements, allergy details, sports or entertainment requests. This will help us and your crew to make your charter an extraordinary experience.


Yachts have listed recreation equipment on board and it is believed to be the correct one, however it is not assured as they are subject to change at short notice. The owner of the yacht will do their best to substitute the equipment should there be any malfunctions, etc. There may be restrictions for use of personal watercrafts (jetskies, waverunners, etc.) and guests will be required to have an appropriate operating licence. In this regard if you have any specific requirements please check with NaviCroatia.


If use of the internet is absolutely necessary during your charter or you intend to use it on a regular basis, please inform your broker before boarding. You can also expect an additional charge to be in line with your requirements. Though most yachts provide wireless access, please keep in mind that service can be limited in certain areas.


Smoking inside the cabin is prohibited on most yachts and usually there are specific smoking  areas set aside on the deck for smokers. If it is allowed to smoke on the deck, the thoughtful thing to do would be to smoke on the stern or downwind where the smoke won’t bother other guests.


Crew gratuities are non-mandatory, however it is usual for the charterer  to extend a gratuity for attentive service and a job well done. They can be adjusted, as gratuities are based on the level of your satisfaction, but the most common amount is the 10 percent of the charter fee. The best way is to entrust the distribution of gratuities to the captain and in that way make sure that all crew members receive equal recognition.


MYBA Terms, the basis for most charter rates, imply that the yacht will be delivered with all its equipment, in full commission, insured and managed by a crew whose food, clothing and wages are carried out on the owner's account.

All other expenses are payable by the charterer: water and electricity, personal laundry, shoreside excursions, telecommunication and internet costs, all provisions, customs clearance, fuel for the yacht and her tenders, port, harbour and marina fees, etc.

When presenting relevant yachts, if terms are different than standard ones here described, you will be provided with full details of any charter terms relevant to the chosen yacht.